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Premier Visual Voice specializes in CART and captioning services. Located in Ohio, we provide accurate translation of the spoken word and offer excellent customer service to all of our clients. Diligence, knowledge, and hard work are just a few of the assets that aid in our excellent services.

Margaret Downs, a legally blind real-time captioner, began Premier Visual Voice in May of 2012 and has been providing speech-to-text services since 2011. Being legally blind from a very young age, Margaret has first-hand experience and understanding of how crucial communication access is for everyone.




Premier Visual Voice LLC

Premier Visual Voice is a company devoted to empowering those with auditory challenges to participate fully in their lives through the use of global, remote communication access services. Captioning is a crucial part of communication for many people wherever the spoken word is used. Text can be provided in real-time or post-production of any media.
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Premier Visual Voice can provide CART and captions for

Federal, state, and local government assemblies
Webinars and webcasts
Business meetings and daily office functions
Teleconference Calls
Hospitals and Doctor's Offices
Online Programs and Classes
Post-production media, such as videos, films, audio, and any prerecorded media
Telephone Captions

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Available Translation Services for Spanish, French (Canadian) and Portuguese (Brazilian):

Real-time CART and captions
Real-time Translation Services
Post-production translation captions
Translated CART, Bilingual CART, languages written as spoken.
Legal, medical, and general transcription services are also available from Premier Visual Voice. Again, a clear and strong audio is necessary to provide an accurate translation of the spoken word.

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