If you are fluent in Spanish and a professional voice writer, you are in high demand! Not only are there events that are being captioned in Spanish, but students who need classes in Spanish, or even those learning the language who have hearing impairments or auditory learning disorders need the service.

Hispanics with hearing impairments make up 9.4% of the total population with hearing impairments, according to Susan Antunez in her online article, "Language Development of Hispanic Deaf Children." This number reflects a growing need for the service in the Hispanic community, and will grow within the decade.

Although only government meetings and events are required to provide captioning by law, according to the ADA regulations, it is becoming more evident that everyone should have access to all types of meetings and events. Those organizing these types of occasions might not be aware that they have someone with a hearing impairment in the audience, and especially someone who is also a Spanish speaker.

If you are someone who requires CART (communication access real-time translation or real-time transcription), don't be afraid to ask for that service. It may be an important meeting about which you need to be informed, and without CART in your own language, it could cause problems for you down the road.

If you are an organizer of meetings or events and have pondered how to provide CART services to your Spanish-speaking attendees, many CART companies, such as Premier Visual Voice, can do that for you. It's not something you may think about often, but especially if you are working with a Spanish-speaking population, you may want to re-examine your policies about providing access to all participants, especially those who have hearing impairments.

With Spanish fast becoming the language of choice for high school and college students in what is fast becoming a bilingual society, providing CART in Spanish for students with hearing impairments and auditory learning disorders will become more common. We are Premier Visual Voice are poised to help you with your Spanish speaking populations who need CART services.


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