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Supporting Business, Education, Courts, and Broadcast

Live Captioning

CART provides live captioning services for accessibility during events.

ASL / Spoken Language Interpreting

ASL or spoken language interpreting services bridge communication gaps between individuals using different languages or modes.


Meaning-for-meaning services offer text interpreting for enhanced communication clarity.

Audio Description

Audio Description (AD) narrates visual information for the blind and low-vision, improving comprehension of videos and live events.

Court Reporting

For depositions and accurate legal transcript creation from recorded proceedings.

Closed Captioning

Closed captions enhance video accessibility by adding text to pre-produced media, appearing at the bottom or within the video content.


Transcription converts audio from various sources into written text using stenography, voice writing, or standard keyboards.

Global Subtitles

Subtitles translate dialogue for non-native speakers, while closed captions transcribe dialogue for the hearing impaired.

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