Global Subtitles

Bridging language barriers with accurate, seamless global subtitles for every viewer.

Global Subtitles

As opposed to closed captions which are essentially a same-language transcription of dialogue (primarily for viewers who cannot hear the video’s audio), subtitles provide a translation of the dialogue (for viewers who don’t understand the language being spoken). While captions often include indications of sound and background noises, subtitles often include translations of on-screen text instead.

Pricing for global subtitles is based on duration of each file rounded up to nearest minute.

What Determines Our Rates

Human-translated Global Subtitles
Let us translate your video’s captions into a variety of languages. (English captions included in price!)
$/minEnglish→Spanish (Latin America)
$/minEnglish→Spanish (Spain)
$/minEnglish→Chinese Simplified
$/minEnglish→Chinese Traditional
$/minEnglish→Portuguese (Brazil)
$/minnon-English→any other language
 We upload the subtitles file against your video wherever it is housed.
+$/minBurned-In Subtitles
 Receive your video(s) back with permanent subtitles.
Turn-around time
Turn-around time (TAT) is based much more on individual file length than total volume. Factors such as audio quality, difficulty of content, and heaviness of accents can also affect it. TAT may vary depending on the language(s) selected and whether or not we’re creating the English captions. (If you provide a completed English .srt file, that can speed up the process.)
File lengthEstimated TATRush TAT 
0-20 minutesup to 48 hours (2 days)N/A 
20-60 minutesup to 96 hours (4 days)N/A 
> 60 minutes> 96 hours (> 4 days)N/A 
AI-translated Global Subtitles
Let artificial intelligence translate your video’s captions into virtually any other language. (Human-generated captions of the video’s audio required first.)
$/minAny language→Any other language
 We upload the subtitles file against your video wherever it is housed.
+$/minBurned-In Subtitles
 Receive your video(s) back with permanent subtitles.
Turn-around time
Since it only takes machine translation a few seconds, turn-around time (TAT) is based on how long it takes to produce the video’s original captions. If the video is in English and you’d like us to produce the captions, see our Closed Captions page. If the video is in another language, TAT will be longer.

Contact us about your needs and to get a quote.

Our Services

Supporting Business, Education, Courts, and Broadcast

Live Captioning

CART provides live captioning services for accessibility during events.

ASL / Spoken Language Interpreting

ASL or spoken language interpreting services bridge communication gaps between individuals using different languages or modes.


Meaning-for-meaning services offer text interpreting for enhanced communication clarity.

Audio Description

Audio Description (AD) narrates visual information for the blind and low-vision, improving comprehension of videos and live events.

Court Reporting

For depositions and accurate legal transcript creation from recorded proceedings.

Closed Captioning

Closed captions enhance video accessibility by adding text to pre-produced media, appearing at the bottom or within the video content.


Transcription converts audio from various sources into written text using stenography, voice writing, or standard keyboards.

Global Subtitles

Subtitles translate dialogue for non-native speakers, while closed captions transcribe dialogue for the hearing impaired.


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