Caption Companion

The first truly universal realtime captioning device

Caption Companion is an 8-inch tablet style device that offers free, unlimited, fast, and accurate realtime AI captioning

  • No account. No sign-up. No subscription. Not even an internet connection is required. Captioning can also appear on any of your existing devices or screens.
  • Caption Companion comes uniquely paired with a SmartMic for unprecedented accuracy and versatility.
  • Need to connect remotely to a human captioner instead? Yep, this thing can do that too.

Purchase for $1,599 (ask about volume discounts or rental options)
Also available through Diglo and Hear World (purchase only)

From Kindergarten to PhD

Place a stationary Caption Companion in each on-site or remote learning scenario, or give each student who needs one their own to carry with them.

Workplaces of any kind

Whether you’re a small business, large corporation, non-profit, government agency, or anything in between, Caption Companion can create a solid ADA baseline by giving your on-site and remote employees straightforward communication access.

Security & privacy are paramount

Caption Companion works fully offline. No user account is needed. No user data is collected. Optional lock screen can be set up using PIN, pattern, password, or face recognition. Captioned text is automatically deleted from the device after 24 hours by default but can be manually deleted at any time. Option to export transcripts can be enabled as part of approved accommodation.

Need a human captioner instead?

Caption Companion can also be used to connect remotely to a professional human CART captioner at your pre-scheduled times bringing some of the best providers in the country to your fingertips. (pricing separate) If you’ve ever had audio issues with remote CART, this is your solution. Alternatively, our captioners can integrate with any existing system you may already have.

Ensure your event is accessible and inclusive

Connect Caption Companion to any large screen or projector, overlay the text, or issue out devices for event attendees to carry around with them. Need captioning for just one event but don’t want to purchase? Caption Companion can also be rented out! Inquire about our other types of services too, such as interpreting, translation, audio description, video captions, subtitles, voice-overs, etc.

Smart Mic Included

Caption Companion comes uniquely paired with a SmartMic for unprecedented accuracy and flexibility. Several other useful accessories are also included that make Caption Companion versatile in any situation.

What they say about us

Premier Visual Voice and our professional service providers possess the highest ethics and standards in all aspects of our services.
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Why buy Caption Companion instead of just using a captioning app on a phone, tablet, or computer?

Free, unlimited, fast, and accurate AI captioning of any audio source
Integrated hardware+software package specifically crafted for realtime captioning backed by decades of knowledge and experience in captioning accessibility
No account or login needed
No subscription required
No user data collected
AI captioning completely offline in 9 languages/dialects
AI captioning with internet connection in 81 languages/dialects
Never an interruption from incoming calls/messages/notifications
No battery drain from other apps running in background
Can add custom words
Can connect to remote human CART captioner at pre-scheduled time (pricing separate)
Pre-installed tempered glass screen protector
Pre-installed kickstand that supports device in any orientation
Can be toted around in portable manner or can be installed as stationary caption screen at any location either permanently or temporarily
Can connect via custom HDMI cable or wirelessly mirror to large screen/projector
Can plug into computer to create resizable floating caption box that can be pinned to stay on top of other applications
Can caption audio directly from FM systems, audio/hearing loops, assistive listening devices
Purchaser can decide if option to save captions is enabled or disabled
Clear and detailed instructional videos (with captions)
Tech support included
Comes with specific tried and tested smart accessories to increase accuracy, reliability, and versatility of captioning
Ultra-high sensitive high definition mini wireless Bluetooth lapel/lavalier style SmartMic (allows for accurate captioning from a farther distance across the room)
Custom audio cable (allows for direct feed from any external audio source)
OTG adapter (allows for plugging in accessories such as keyboard or mouse, turns Caption Companion into charging station for SmartMic or any other small electronics)
Depends on the particular device (including its operating system and hardware configuration) and/or the particular captioning app (including the app version and subscription level)
Demo & Tutorial Videos
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