What is Live Captioning?


Live captioning is a form of immediately converting speech and sounds to text which provides accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing community, as well as for people who prefer to read captions. While live captions are a form of accessibility to the deaf and hard of hearing community, they are also beneficial to all audiences. For example, imagine yourself at an event in which there is too much noise and you cannot hear the speaker clearly. With live captions, you would be able to access what the speaker is saying by reading the live streamed text. Live captions are also helpful to people whose first language is not English. How exactly is this done, you may ask.

Live captioning is the job of one who has been professionally trained to provide accurate captions. The captioner uses specific software to translate the speech into text which is streamed instantaneously. The captioner is connected to the event remotely which will allow them to hear everything that is being spoken. As the captioner listens to the speaker, they input what is being said into special software which is streamed live on a screen for the audience to read. Now, you may be wondering what the difference is between a professional captioner and auto captions.

Auto captioning is provided using automated speech recognition (ASR) technology, whereas live professional captioning is always provided by a human. Unless auto captioning is properly implemented, the accuracy is significantly lower than hiring a professional captioner. The captioner is professionally trained for this type of work, so their whole goal is to provide accurate captions. Using auto captioning out of the box does not guarantee accuracy. Interested in seeing what properly implemented auto captioning looks like that actually is accurate? Look no further than our Caption Companion solution!

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